I am the Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Comparative Politics of the Developing World at Brandeis University. I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale University in May of 2013. I previously received an BS in Economics from Duke University and an MA from the University of Chicago. My research interests include comparative politics, political economy, and development. I employ multimethod research designs that have included experimental, survey, and qualitative work.

My articles have appeared in the Latin America Research Review, the American Journal of Public Health, and World Development

My dissertation investigates the decline of clientelism in Brazil, and draws upon Bolsa Família-Brazil's large Conditional Cash Transfer program-as an example of the surprising shift to universal (technocratic) public policies. I combine analysis of historical, electoral, and survey data to explain this shift.

I have conducted over 20 months of fieldwork in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.  Extended time in the field has provided me with deep local knowledge, which informed the design a survey that was fielded during Brazil's 2012 electoral campaign.  This fieldwork also informs my teaching, which I discuss further in the Instruction page.

Contact: Brian Fried